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Some things to think about when having web design services for your business website

Web usability is unquestionably an important component in website design. Unfortunately, it is also unquestionably often overlooked by many web companies.

Daily users make up the majority of internet traffic worldwide; browsers and surfers that have different needs and different ways of conducting online searches.

When a business decides to get a website and hire the services of a web company, there is a strong chance that usability might not be fully integrated into the site design.


Say you have basic hyperlinks on your business website that are there to redirect users to other sections or pages. You’d want them to be visible and situated in an area where the user would have a high chance of seeing it and clicking on it.

Having small hyperlinks does not take into account a user’s hand movement when engaged with the mouse. It is far easier for a user to both see an appropriate sized hyperlink, and drag the mouse onto its surface area.


Ask yourself this question: “Is it important that website visitors have my business contact details?”

Answer’s pretty obvious right? Amazingly, many websites do not have contact details immediately available, or positioned in appropriate areas to accommodate the user. Engagement is essential to developing any potential sales and conversion rates with site visitors, and contact detail location can make or break the end result. A professional web design agency will ensure your contact details are strongly visible and accessible.

Search functions

It is common for web surfers and net-wandering consumers to visit a business’ website and look for a search tab (often found at a top corner of the screen). Search functions give these site visitors the chance to find what they need far more efficiently.

And if a website doesn’t have a search function? Well then, there goes its chance to strengthen conversion potential!

Many users are search-influenced. Google and Yahoo do not make the majority of their business off pay per click advertising; they are the world’s leading search engines!

People are constantly searching for what they need, and the same practice applies to business website search functions. Specific product and service search is undisputed as a means of attracting potential consumers and getting them over the line to buy your offerings.

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Best Font Size

Best Font Size For Web Pages

As you cruise around the Internet exploring webpages you may note that web font sizes are not standardised. There is a certain trend among web designers believing that smaller sized fonts give the web page a sophisticated look. It also means more content can fit “above the fold”. Setting aside any considerations for the aging eyes of the general audience, there is a strong argument for larger font sizes on web pages.

There is not a de facto standard for the type of font or size of font one can choose for their web pages. However, there are two categories of fonts: simple and fancy. A simple font is the Arial font. A fancy font is Brush. There was a study was done to evaluate how people perceived the complexity of completing a form based upon the type of font. This research delved into the psychology of simple fonts and it revealed that people were less likely to commit to an action if they felt that it was going to take a long time to complete.

Two groups of people were given the same instructions to perform a simple exercise. On set of instructions was typed in simple Arial font and the other in fancy Brush font. The people who read the simple font instructions said the exercise would take 8.2 minutes. The group who read the exact same exercise typed in fancy font thought it would take 15.1 minutes to complete—nearly twice as long.

Our brain translates hard to read text into hard to read actions. What does this mean to your website design? Stick to simple fonts and make the type size easy to read. Keep words simple. Make sentences short.

As for font size…What the W3C Says

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops standards for web development. Their recommendation for font sizes it to always use “ems” to set font sizes. Use “ems” to make scalable style sheets.

In CSS, the “em” unit is a general unit for measuring lengths. You can use it both horizontally and vertically. The foremost tool for writing scalable style sheets is the “em” unit, and it therefore goes on top of the list of guidelines: use ems to make scalable style sheets.

When used to specify font sizes, the “em” unit refers to the font size of the parent element. This is either set by the CSS style sheet or in the user’s browser or desktop settings. If you do not control the font size in the CSS style sheet for your web pages, the user’s setting will determine the look of the web pages. Therefore:

  • Always use ems to set font sizes.
  • Use ems to make scalable style sheets.
  • Define ems within the style sheets.

As the preference of displays grows smaller (from PC to laptop to Smartphone, and so on) the text that people actually see will be somewhat all over the place in sizing. However, it’s safe to say that as displays get smaller and human attention less and less attentive, tiny, fancy fonts probably won’t get much attention if any.

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Using Twitter to Follow Web Design and SEO

Twitter is a superb social media networking tool. It allows me to keep right up to date with everything that is happening in my field of Online Marketing, specifically Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I also use Twitter to pass on free useful information I find to my followers.

Sign up at – if you’d like to “follow” me on Twitter, feel free to do so!

I follow back everyone that follows me.

My Twitter Username is: @leonfernandes

Or you can visit my Twitter Profile:

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Freelancer Web Designer Blog

Welcome to my Freelance Web Designer Blog – Over the last year my site has been ranked very well for a number of keywords.

To name a couple –  “Freelance Web Designer Brisbane” or “Freelance SEO Brisbane“,   So I’ve decided to start writing articles and producing useful video content on such topics.

I will also be posting alot of useful Resources and Tips on SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, Graphic Design, Web Development, eCommerce, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimisation and other Various Latest Technology.

If you feel this website blog may help – Please share this with your friends, families and associates.

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